Mexican Decaf Single Origin Coffee

Looking for a delicious coffee without caffeine? Enjoy the taste of our single original decaf coffee from Mexico (without any nasties - it’s a Swiss water-processed decaf). Starts with deliciously sweet ruby grapefruit, smooth rose and nutty notes, followed by a smokey finish.


Origins: Mexico


  • Black coffee: 22g in / 44g out / 28-30 second extraction
  • Milk coffee: 22.5g in / 45-46g out / 28-32 second extraction 


How is the decaf processed?

The process is highly complex, but put simply the green beans are steamed gently, then immersed in water saturated with flavour compounds of coffee. As osmosis occurs, the only property that leaves the beans is caffeine. The essential flavour elements in the beans remain, balanced by the water already containing the flavour elements. 


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