Coffee Services

At Little Italy Coffee Roasters, we do more than just serve as the premium coffee roasters in Sydney. In addition to our wholesale and online coffee store, we seek to be regional coffee experts, promoting coffee culture through a variety of services. 

For over 12 years, we have worked to provide the best in coffee service. We partner with coffee shops that share our values and work ethic to help them reach their potential as purveyors of premium coffee.


The coffee business requires more than just serving great gourmet coffee. It requires skill in assessing and responding to the market. When your shop does grow, you will face tough choices about staffing, menu options, and perhaps even opening additional locations. Our years of experience in the coffee industry makes us uniquely qualified to professionally advise expert coffee makers on how to be great at business and marketing as well. 

Whether you plan on opening a shop or have a business whose market has grown stale, let us help you reach your potential.

Coffee Wholesale

The core of our business, however, lies in providing premium coffee beans to shops in Sydney. As one of the most respected coffee roasters in Sydney, we proudly provide some of the best tasting beans around and serve as wholesale coffee suppliers for businesses around the area. 

As experienced coffee manufacturers, we know the business of providing great coffee and quality supplies to our growing list of partners.



Little Italy Coffee Roasters understands that each shop needs skilled baristas and other staff to win over their coffee market. Having products from the best coffee roasters available doesn’t matter if your staff does not understand both the product and customer service. 

We take beginners and transform them into coffee experts, excited to educate your customers on your coffee and other products.

Reach Out Today

Want to learn more about the best coffee bean roasters in Sydney? Call today on (02) 9453 2009.  Our professional and friendly staff can answer any questions about our coffee, consulting, or training services. You can also use our convenient contact section at the bottom of our home page. 

Little Italy Coffee Roasters are your comprehensive coffee service experts in Sydney. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you.

At Little Italy Coffee Roasters, we provide a comprehensive range of coffee services, consulting, training, and contract coffee roasting in Sydney. Every ounce of coffee reflects our commitment to high standards, best quality, and customer satisfaction. 

We also proudly share our experience and knowledge with coffee entrepreneurs throughout Sydney. A vibrant and dynamic coffee scene promotes all of our businesses, so we provide the best in business advising while also teaching new baristas the art of coffee service. 

At Little Italy Coffee Roaster, we say that “every kilo counts.” Our mission is to spread that ethic throughout the Sydney coffee community.