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We proudly offer the highest quality and best variety of roasted coffees in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Our focus at Little Italy Coffee Roasters lies on our valued customers who love our products and in working with coffee shops throughout Sydney.

Their return business and referrals to friends keep us inspired to both maintain the standards of the coffees our customers already love while continuing to experiment to create someone’s future favourite blend.

That said, we also take pride in working with other coffee shops. Now any cafe can feature products from Little Italy Coffee Roasters, one of the best coffee roasters in Australia.

We offer to potential coffee shop clients contract roasting services in Sydney. You can now take advantage of our decades of expertise in crafting Sydney’s best coffee while using it to develop your shop’s brand and market.

At Little Italy Coffee Roasters, we understand that the Sydney area collectively has one of the most sophisticated coffee palates in the world. Therefore, we have invested heavily in state of the art equipment. Our customers appreciate our ability to draw unique flavours from beans with techniques that reflect both the art and science of roasting coffee.

We also take a unique approach to coffee roasting, refusing to stand pat on the tried and true. Little Italy always strives to create exciting new flavours to tantalise the taste buds.

Our services to coffee shops do not stop at providing premium roasted coffee beans wholesale. We believe that expanding the number of great coffee shops in Sydney is good business for the industry. Therefore, we also provide all the assistance needed to open and sustain your own shop. This includes business consulting, barista training, and much more.

When looking for contract roasting in Sydney or a wealth of other coffee shop and cafe consulting and training services, check out Little Italy’s Coffee Roasters,  the most respected roasters in Sydney.

Call today to learn more about the wide variety of services that we can perform for you.

Remember that at Little Italy, our maxim is that “every kilo counts.”

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