Premium Espresso Coffee Blend



The blend that started it all. A perfect balance of body and acidity. Notes of maple syrup and cherry, followed by a smooth honey & chocolate finish. Blends together with milk eliciting a warm, smooth, and creamy composition.


Africa, Asia, South & Central America


24g in: 40g out. 30-35 second extraction



Our Original Premium Blend 100% Arabica coffee beans is the pride and joy of Little Italy, a creamy and velvety composition with subtle hints of chocolate hazelnut and honey. Add milk and the true character of the blend is exposed, a very smooth and full-bodied flavor emerges complimented by its natural aromas.

Winner of several medals at the Golden Bean Awards; Gold in espresso category and Silver in milk category in 2011, Bronze 2012 and Bronze 2013.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions N/A

1 kilogram, 250 grams


Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee: 1 – Turkish, Ground Coffee: 3 – Espresso, Ground Coffee: 4 – Stovetop/Mokapot, Ground Coffee: 5 – Paper filter (V60, Kalita Wave, Aeropress, Syphon, Moccamaster), Ground Coffee: 6 – Chemex, Ground Coffee: 7 – Metal filter, Ground Coffee: 8 – Cold drip, Cold Brew, Ground Coffee: 9 – French Press/Plunger