Sweet Maria Coffee Blend



The most recent blockbuster blend. Sweet Maria has won the hearts of coffee drinkers on all sides of the spectrum. Initially strong notes of nuts and chocolate engulf the palate, ending with a pleasant mix of fruits and cinnamon. Cuts very well through milk, preserving its strong flavours and characteristics.


Asia & South America


25g in: 40g out. 30-40 second extraction



Sweet Maria is a four-bean blend whose characteristics are founded on the traits of Arabica coffee with a touch of Robusta. Sweet Maria is what we believe traditional coffee should taste like. Chocolate and Nut flavors are present with a smooth finish and consistent taste throughout the cup. As the name suggests the coffee begins with a honeyed taste and covers the palate with a pleasant mouth feel.

Winner of a silver medal in the fine food royal festival 2015 in espresso category and in the Golden Bean Milk Category 2013.

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Weight 1 kg
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1 kilogram, 250 grams


Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee: 1 – Turkish, Ground Coffee: 3 – Espresso, Ground Coffee: 4 – Stovetop/Mokapot, Ground Coffee: 5 – Paper filter (V60, Kalita Wave, Aeropress, Syphon, Moccamaster), Ground Coffee: 6 – Chemex, Ground Coffee: 7 – Metal filter, Ground Coffee: 8 – Cold drip, Cold Brew, Ground Coffee: 9 – French Press/Plunger