Our Favourite Brewing Methods


  • Ground coffee - slightly coarser than espresso (#4)
  • Filtered Water


  1. Fill bottom chamber of water to slightly below valve.
  2. Place the funnel into the bottom chamber and fill with ground coffee.
  3. Gently tamp ground to level (the more you pack the basket the stronger the coffee will be.)
  4. Screw the top on firmly
  5. Place on a medium-low heat for a slow consistent brew
  6. When the liquid starts to foam (see photo), turn off stove and enjoy! 


  • 15g of ground coffee (#5)
  • 250ml of hot water (preferably filtered) at 90-94 degrees Celsius
  • V60 paper filter


    1. Place the paper filter into the V60, which should be sitting on top of your drinking cup
    2. Saturate filter with water and drain excess
    3. Place the ground coffee into the filter evenly.
    4. Starting in the middle, pour hot water over the coffee, working your way outwards in a circular motion
    5. Allow to bloom for up to 1 min
    6. Then pour rest of the water in.
    7. Enjoy!

      French Press

      • French press
      • 1g of coffee (coarse grind - #9) per 18ml of hot filtered water (92-96 degrees). For example, in an 8 cup (1L) French press, this equates to about 56g of coffee to 1L of water.


        1. Pour hot water into French press to preheat and rinse the chamber. Discard water.
        2. Add pre-weighed coffee grounds into the French press.
        3. Gently pour hot water over coffee, trying to saturate all coffee ground
        4. Stir thoroughly and place lid on top (do not plunge yet). Allow the coffee to brew for up to 4 minutes
        5. Press the plunger down gently and enjoy!

          COLD DRIP (TOWER)

          • 70g of ground coffee, medium to coarse (#8)
          • 640ml of water (preferably filtered)
          • Ice (rough estimate – handful)


          1. Put the water and ice in the top beaker with the valve. (Make sure the valve is closed.)
          2. Place the stone / ceramic filter into the base of the middle chamber (closest to the spout)
          3. Place coffee in middle chamber (sift and level coffee)
          4. Wet paper filter and place on top of coffee
          5. Once everything is set up and open the valve on the top beaker for 1 drop every 1.5 seconds
          6. Wait patiently (8-12 hours depending on volume) and enjoy!

          AEROPRESS (Inverted version)

          • 35g of ground coffee (#5)
          • 310ml of hot water (preferably filtered) at 84 degrees Celsius
          • Aeropress paper filter


          1. Remove plunger from funnel
          2. Place damp filter into black cap and twist cap onto the chamber
          3. Place the chamber on top of your cup
          4. Fill chamber with coffee grounds and level
          5. Pour 150ml of hot water evenly over the coffee in the chamber and stir
          6. Allow the coffee to bloom (bubble) for approximately 1 minute.
          7. Slowly press down on Aeropress, extracting coffee into the cup.
          8. Top up with remaining 160ml of hot water and enjoy!


          FOR 3 CUPS / 6 CUPS

          • 25g/45g ground coffee ( ground slightly coarser than paper filter (#6), if metal filter used then (#7)
          • 450ml / 850ml filtered water
          • 50ml for wetting the paper filter
          • 400ml / 800ml for the coffee
          • Paper filter (preferably thick paper filter) or metal filter


          1. Fold the paper filter and place it into the Chemex with the thicker part towards the spout. (If using metal filter just place it into the Chemex.)
          2. Heat the water in a kettle or on the stove, roughly 92-96 degrees C.
          3. Pour the 50ml of hot water on the paper filter, let it drip through and discard the water.
          4. Add ground coffee into the paper filter - evenly spread out.
          5. Pour the water on the coffee in a circular motion, making sure all the coffee is covered with water and allow to bloom (this allows the gasses and flavours to release from the coffee).
          6. Gently pour the rest of the water slowly over your coffee.
          7. Enjoy!

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