Barista Course

Barista Training with LICR

We offer two different kinds of Barista Training courses. The first is a great introduction into basic barista skills, teaching the fundamentals to get your started as a barista. The second is a more intermediate approach, honing your pre-exisiting skills and working towards more advanced latte art and milk texturing. 


Our Becoming a Barista (Beginners Training Course) covers:

  • Understanding coffee: extraction / identifying under and over-extracted coffee
  • How to adjust grinder: learning about grind size & dosage, as well as techniques to correctly tamp
  • Espresso menu: understanding different types of coffees & terminology 
  • Milk fundamentals: techniques
  • Maintenance: cleaning the equipment and correct storage of coffee beans

Our Advanced Milk Skills + Latte Art (Intermediate Training Course) covers:

  • Advanced milk texturing techniques
  • Pouring techniques
  • Understanding jug sizes and splitting
  • Latte art techniques


“We found Little Italy 6 years ago while looking for a roasters who would be more engaged with our business and assist us in growing our coffee sales. Right from the beginning they went the extra mile, not only providing a consistently high quality product, but also guidance and advice based on years of experience in the business. They worked with us as we doubled our sales and open a second café, and have become part of the family while at it. I can’t recommend Adam, Guy and the rest of the Little Italy team highly enough!”

Andy - Henry White


Barista Training Course in Sydney