Café Consultancy 

We proudly offer the highest quality and best variety of roasted coffees in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Our focus at Little Italy Coffee Roasters is our customers who love our product and embracing those coffee shops throughout Sydney.

Their return business and referrals to friends keep us inspired to both maintain the standards of the coffees our customers already love while continuing to experiment to create someone’s future favourite blend.


Planning on opening a coffee shop? Buying a cafe that’s already established? 

Contact us today! We offer cafe consulting services to help our customers reach their goals. A strong and vibrant cafe benefits us all, so we support our customers in any way that we can! 


If your passion lies in creating a great coffee experience, let us help you grow the business side. Our team has wide range of experience that will help your enhance your business in all aspects.

A fresh set of eyes, will bring a new perspective to even the most established cafes!



Looking to upgrade or add to your cafe operations. We can point you in the right direction!

Our team is constantly pushing the envelope in testing equipment - in ensure you can best cater to your customers.

Cafe & Coffee Consultancy

Providing All You Need for Starting a Cafe

Planning on opening a coffee shop? Buying a cafe that's already established? Maybe you have a shop offering a great selection of premium coffees and other tasty products but cannot get customers in the door?

Contact us today. We offer cafe consultant services, and we also sell cafe equipment and cafe supplies. A strong and vibrant Sydney coffee shop business community benefits us all, so we seek to help anyone needing advice on cafe startup and running a cafe.

Coffee Business Consulting

If your talent lies more in creating a great coffee experience than in basic cafe setup or keeping track of things like inventory, marketing, and coffee supplies, give us a call. Our coffee consulting team has extensive experience in understanding how to market to the Sydney community and have experience in operating a successful shop.

Many businesses need help at the startup stage. This is where we can work with you to create a strategic plan for establishment and growth. Our team can also advise on how to set up staff systems to operate at peak efficiency.

Sometimes established cafes need help as well. Perhaps what worked in the past no longer does due to market shifts or other changes. You may need assistance in figuring out how to deal with tremendous growth. Our team has overcome a number of challenges in the past, and we’d be grateful to share our experience with you.

Sourcing Reliable Cafe Equipment

Little Italy Coffee Roasters does not just provide great advice to those starting up or needing assistance. We also serve as a regional wholesale supplier of quality cafe equipment and supplies. Working through us can help you to get the right equipment for the scale of your operation, saving you money and time.