Ora Espresso Coffee Blend

'Same same but new name!’ 

The premium blend has a special place in our hearts, being the original and first house blend we created when we first opened our doors. With no intention to change its delicious recipe, we decided its name did not reflect its value to us as a family business. Rather than being true to its origins, the name suggests superiority, simply by its name, rather than by its flavours, characteristics, and lip lickin’ goodness! Therefore, we’d like to introduce that same great recipe as Ora Espresso – a maternal figure within our family framework that is part of what moulds the ethics and values we hold today. 

The blend that started it all. A perfect balance of body and acidity. Notes of maple syrup and cherry, followed by a smooth honey & chocolate finish. Blends together with milk eliciting a warm, smooth, and creamy composition.

Please note: We will always send our freshest roast for all online orders, unless requested in comments otherwise. Want to know more about coffee freshness? Click here.

Origins: Brazil, Kenya, Guatemala, and Papua New Guinea

Recipe: 23.5-24g in: 37-40g out. 30-34 second extraction

Pro Tip: For a better result when using a darker roast for alternative brewing, try doing the below:

  • Use less water 
  • Add more coffee 
  • Grind coffee slightly coarser 
  • Use a colder water temperature
  • Make a Selection

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